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Travel agent bookings for Gallipoli-2015 tours are available exclusively through Fairy Chimneys Travel. If your agency is already a Fairy Chimneys Travel member, Login here. Otherwise, simply register as an agency to gain access.

Creating profound Anzac experiences for over 10 years.

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Gallipoli 2015 tours

For the Anzac 2015 centenary, Fairy Chimneys Travel relied on over 10 years experience tailoring Turkey tours and Gallipoli pilgrimages.

The unique, hand crafted Gallipoli-2015 tours are available nowhere else. Each custom itinerary is created to ensure your clients return fulfilled by their Anzac experience and enchanted by Turkey.

Turkey beyond Anzac

Turkey has much to offer Australian travellers. From her rich history to exotic cuisine, religious pilgrimages and art or nature trails. Aside from Gallipoli-2015, Fairy Chimneys Travel designs special interest and tailored tours that are far from ordinary. You clients will be immersed in captivating destinations and enthralled by fascinating stories or local facts their exclusive guides share.

We know your travel agency stands on its reputation.

Fairy Chimneys Travel does its utmost to provide your clients with an exceptional glimpse of Gallipoli battlefields and the intriguing destination that is Turkey. So next time you need a Turkey travel specialist, you’ll know to contact Fairy Chimneys Travel. first.