Lone Pine, Gallipoli 2015

Lone Pine Memorial ready for Anzac Day commemorations. Every ANZAC Day, thousands go to Gallipoli to remember the fallen.

Lone Pine

At Lone Pine some of the fiercest fighting of the Gallipoli campaign took place. Here ANZAC and Turkish troops faced off in heated battle for strategic position.

Today Lone Pine is hallowed ground for Australians and Turks alike. Echoes of Anzac valour are ingrained on the landscape where the Lone Pine Cemetery and Memorial to the Missing now stand. A mesmerising setting for annual Anzac Day commemorations. Or simply to reflect on the incredible sacrifice and service of Gallipoli soldiers.

Your Lone Pine experience

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Where reverence and remembrance meet

Every year, thousands gather at Anzac Cove for the Dawn Service and later at the striking memorial for the Australian Lone Pine commemorative ceremony. The 14 metre high memorial bears the 4,228 names of Australians missing or buried at sea off the peninsula. Beyond lies the vast Lone Pine cemetery, with its sprawling graves and built atop original Turkish trenches and tunnels.

For many travellers, this visit will be a defining life moment.

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