Looking over The Sphinx, ANZAC Cove and the site of the Gallipoli 2015 dawn service.

Looking over The Sphinx, ANZAC Cove and the site of the Gallipoli 2015 ANZAC Day Dawn Service.


To visit ANZAC Cove is to stand at the very heart of Gallipoli history. On these shores, almost 100 years ago, stories of tragedy, heroism and camaraderie were forged.

Today, ANZAC Cove is revered for its defining significance to the Gallipoli campaign. It is at this diminutive cove the World War I ANZAC Corps made their first Gallipoli landing on 25 April 1915. Nestled in Turkey’s Gallipoli peninsula and bounded by Ari Burnu and Hell Spit headlands, a visit to ANZAC Cove has become a rite of passage.

Your ANZAC Cove experience

No Gallipoli tour is complete without a visit to ANZAC Cove and its nearby landmarks. For Gallipoli 2015, your tour is designed by ANZAC Peace Prize recipient Dr V. John Basarin, a noted Gallipoli expert. Under John’s guidance your tour will unfold in fascinating ways, with unique insights and visits to landmarks such as:

  • Anzac Commemorative Site - at North Beach with its remarkable ridge landscape
  • Turkish Memorial - inscribed with Ataturk’s famous words from 1934
  • Ari Burnu Cemetery - near where warships carrying ANZACs prepared to land
  • Hell Spit - where the sea was alive with Turkish cannon fire
  • Shrapnel Valley - the main route from the beach area to the ANZAC frontline
  • Lone Pine battlefield - now host to a vast cemetery and Memorial to the Missing
  • Quinns Post - one of the most dangerous and exposed Gallipoli battlefields
  • The Nek - where one of the most infamous & disastrous ANZAC attacks took place
  • Beach Cemetery - where famous John Simpson, the man with donkey, is buried
  • 57th Regiment Memorial - where the Turkish troops stopped Anzacs and saved their homeland through great sacrifice.
  • Chunuk Bair Memorial - where NZ memorial and nearby Ataturk’s memorial together testify to the tragedy of the Gallipoli campaign.

Reflecting on freedom and future

From Anzac Cove troops waded ashore to make their initial stand. As battle ensued, the cove quickly became the main ANZAC port and administrative hub. It remained so throughout the eight month Gallipoli campaign. Always within 1 kilometre of the front line. Today this battlefield is a sombre reminder of so many young lives that made the ultimate sacrifice.

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