Dawn of Anzac Day, Gallipoli Turkey

Dawn service. In 2015, thousands will go to Gallipoli to remember the fallen at Dawn on Anzac Day.

Destination ANZAC, Gallipoli 2015

When ANZAC forces landed at Gallipoli, they faced heavy Turkish gunfire and unrelenting terrain. Under a barrage of bullets, young men clambered up the shingly beach at ANZAC Cove to secure a fragile foothold at Gallipoli.

So the ANZAC legend was born.

Today Gallipoli is a tranquil national park and a place of beauty and serenity. A stark contrast to its bitter military past. In Gallipoli National Park shepherds herd flocks, farmers cultivate land and quaint village cafes linger. All intermingling with the Suvla, Anzac and Helles battlefields.

At Hell Spit, Shrapnel Valley, Lone Pine and the Nek, stirring memorials or mute cemeteries of countless white headstones are to be found. All tell the stories of those who fought and fell on this very ground.

For the landmark Gallipoli 2015 occasion, Fairy Chimneys Travel offers two unique tours and a cruise. There are important considerations for travellers making this ANZAC pilgrimage.

ANZAC Dawn Service

Each year on 25 April, thousands of Australians attend the ANZAC Dawn Service held at North Beach near Anzac Cove and later on in the morning at Lone Pine Memorial to the Missing. The 100th year anniversary of the tragic campaign is looming as one of the most important events in the Australian history.

Fairy Chimneys Travel, with its long experience in taking Australians to Gallipoli and Turkey is offering an Epic Cruise and two land tours for 2015. However, official plans for Gallipoli 2015 commemorations are still being made by Australian and Turkish authorities. Although it is not possible to obtain a firm attendance booking at this stage, the following points should be noted by the participants in the 2015 pilgrimage to Gallipoli:


Limited facilities are available at ANZAC Day commemorations. Temporary conveniences are brought into Gallipoli National Park for the occasion, including:

  • Seating
  • Lighting
  • Toilets
  • First-aid
  • Rubbish disposal

No shelter is present, so it is important to come prepared for facing the elements. For this event, Gallipoli 2015 tours will be fully catered. You may also wish to bring food or buy authentic cuisine from Turkish food-sellers.


April in Gallipoli can be warm by day and extremely cold by night. Rain, hot and cold winds or sub-zero temperatures are all possible. ANZAC commemorative sites provide no shelter. So to ensure your comfort and well-being, pack for extremes of both temperature and weather.

What to wear

Gallipoli is characterised by variable weather and rough terrain so dress for comfort. Sturdy, closed-toe walking shoes and long pants are a must. You may also need:

  • Warm & wet weather protective clothing
  • Thermal garments
  • Hat or cap
  • Gloves, socks & scarf


There are many inviting accommodation choices within easy access of Gallipoli. Boutique tour accommodation will be confirmed by Fairy Chimneys Travel to ensure your maximum comfort and convenience.

Getting there

Fairy Chimneys Travel recommend flights between Australia and Istanbul, from where our our three specially tailored Gallipoli 2015 tours depart. During our tours designed by Dr V. John Basarin, one of Australia’s leading Gallipoli historians, you will discover the ANZAC legend birthplace. John and our Expert Team members' vast knowledge and insight will add a unique dimension to this special journey.

To join us for your Gallipoli 2015 cruise or tour, simply choose one of our our Gallipoli 2015 cruise & tours. Our three unique Gallipoli 2015 experiences are the best way to honour and respect the ANZAC heritage.