Epic Cruise Highlights

The Epic Cruise has an ANZAC theme but it’s not all about battlefields. That’s one of the benefits of travelling with Australia’s favourite Turkey tour specialists. Amongst the daily land excursions included in our 10 day itinerary are discovering the legends of enigmatic sites in Turkey and Greece. Just some unmissable cruise highlights include:

  • Embark in Athens’ historic port of Piraeus – originally three natural harbours and once home to the colossal Athenian fleet and mightiest navy in the ancient Greek world.
  • Visit the world renowned archaeological site of Ephesus and encounter life in this celebrated ancient city, where the vast Celsus Library and wondrous Temple of Artemis once stood.
  • Visit the alluring Greek Island of Lemnos and learn its fascinating stories. A sanctuary for both Dionysus and the ANZACs, it was from here those young men journeyed to Gallipoli.
  • Journey from Lemnos to Anzac cove in a minute-by-minute re-enactment of the 1915 ANZAC voyage. Walk among heroes in the Gallipoli battlefields and explore all sides of the conflict.
  • Insightful tutorials by cultural, military and history specialists. A renowned panel of global experts has been assembled to bring life and character to the tales and events of Gallipoli.
  • See Canakkale explode with life as the annual cultural festival and national Children’s Day celebration unfolds in a riot of vivid costumes, entrancing music and delicious food.
  • Join Anzac Centenary commemorations with your choice of Dawn Service, to truly personalise this momentous event. Ballot ticket holders will be transferred to and from the ship.
  • Dedication and tribute at the Australian AE2 submarine site. Discovered quite recently by Turkish divers, the AE2 has laid silent and submerged in the Sea of Marmara for 100 years.
  • Discover the legends of World Heritage listed Old Istanbul and its magnificent tributes, like Hagia Sophia - first consecrated in 537AD or Topkapi Palace – home of sultans for 400 years.
  • A welcome cocktail evening will harmonise with a graceful Anzac Centenary black tie ball on the last night of your Epic Cruise, to lift the spirits and complete this lifetime experience.