Anzac 2015 Ballot FAQs

The Gallipoli centenary is a once in a lifetime chance to experience a profound historical event. Commemorating the arrival at Anzac Cove promises to be stirring and poignant, on land or at sea.

Some passengers have questions about the Anzac Ballot and its affect on the Gallipoli-2015 cruise. The most common enquiries have been addressed here.

Yes. The cruise itinerary includes two days of battlefield pilgrimage on 21st and 22nd April. During these guided visits, passengers will visit Anzac Cove, Lone Pine, Turkish and British areas.

No. The possibility of restricted access to Anzac Cove on the morning of 25th April 2015 has been anticipated for some time. The cruise itinerary has been planned around this expectation.

Yes. Arrangements have been made to transfer passengers from the vessel at Cannakale port late in the evening on 24th April. These passengers will travel to and from Gallipoli by bus.

If you are not successful in the government ballot, you are still able to participate. A dignified onboard gathering will view official proceedings via a live broadcast and watch the break of dawn over Gallipoli from a mooring just off Anzac Cove. Depending on interest, an alternative Dawn Service may also be made available.

Definitely not. All passengers will see the sun rise over Gallipoli on 25th April 2015. Viewing at the official site is always restricted and large screens are erected annually to improve visibility. Those who choose to remain on board will be warm, comfortable and avoid the risk of inclement weather.

The Anzac Ballot closed on 31 January 2014. But applicants won’t know if they have official commemoration tickets until nearly Anzac Day 2014.

For Australians, visit the DVA website.
New Zealanders visit your Gallipoli 2015 website.

Attending the Dawn Service entails an overnight bus trip and several hours in the dark and cold. Most of our confirmed mature travellers, have indicated a preference to remain on the ship.

Booked passengers need take no action at this time. Those intending to register and apply for Anzac Ballot tickets should do so through the advertised means when the opportunity becomes available.

If you have another question or would like to know more about Anzac Day commemorations with Gallipoli-2015, please contact us.

For more information please read our full press release