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One of the greatest ways we could think of for a couple to spend their wedding day is in NC great outdoors. As locals, you know that NC is quite an active city, with people always searching for new ways to get outside and enjoy the coastal breeze and city sunshine. For the outdoorsy and adventurous folk, we have some lovely outdoor wedding venues for you and your loved one to explore.


Golden Gate Park is one of NC most beautiful attractions, stretching all the way down Fulton Street to Ocean Beach. While it may seem as though the city never sleeps on the busy streets of the Richmond and Sunset, if you wander into the park, all the way at the end there lies a truly picturesque garden of tulips hidden amongst the towering trees. The Queen Wilhelmina Tulip Garden will whisk your wedding into a magical paradise hidden inside the park but close enough to the beach to feel the coastal atmosphere that will put your mind in a state of peace. Former queen of the Netherlands, Wilhelmina ruled throughout the First and Second World War and during the Crisis of 1933. She donated an authentic Dutch Windmill that was placed right at the scene of the tulip garden, adding to the area’s extensive historic value.

The Vista SF is an outdoor venue that has recently surfaced and caught our attention as an extremely sophisticated and refined venue for a wedding. Not only is the set-up simple, clean, and striking, but the views out the window are far from ordinary. From the venue, you and your guests will be able to feast your eyes on the Golden Gate, Bay Bridge, Alcatraz Island, the beautiful Bay, and the soaring buildings in the distance across the water. You and your company can be some of the first to take part in this rare experience where style and creativity become one a wedding day that will be more than unforgettable.

The Legion of Honor extends its space as a wedding venue, one that encompasses an architectural beauty combined with genius artistic creativity. Slip into a surreal space in time when you enter exhibits that display art at it’s finest. This venue can accommodate small or large parties, anywhere from 50 people all the way up to 300 plus.

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