Stakeholder Management Software For Small Businesses

Stakeholder Management For Small Businesses

At last a solution for small businesses that wish to track and analyze their stakeholders. Simply Stakeholders Software Management has now released new technology that allows small to medium sized businesses a tool at a low-cost point from as little as $99 per month. This Australian business has been developed over five years and is just now been released. With no competition in its industry, it is the worlds first stakeholder management software business to provide an online solution for under $100 per month.

What Does Simply Stakeholders Do?

One of the massive advantages of Simply Stakeholders is the setup. Most platforms take days or even weeks to set up. With this platform, your stakeholder management integration can be up and running in minutes giving ease of use and an amazing interface to track your clients.

The platform analysis of how well your interactions are with your stakeholders. You enter in every contact and interaction and the program will give you a real and in-depth analysis of whether you are doing a good job or a poor job. This analysis will flow easily and allow your staff to get a realistic and accurate view of their own performance.

With artificial intellegence, the software is self-learning and will grow as your entries grow. This gives you the client the ability to have the flexibility and encourages your team to keep their records up to date.

Full data extracts are made simple. Should you wish to pull all your information out of the database this can be achieved in just two clicks.

The software integrates with google docs Microsoft excel and just about every platform work wide that provides informational data entry to track its clients.


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