Quality Oak Creek towing service

Looking for a fast, friendly Oak Creek towing service? Perhaps you need a place to store your vehicle, or a car repairman you can trust to do a great job at a competitive rate. You have come to the right place.

Call us when you have been in a car accident and we will be there right away. When you have a junk car to dispose of, not only will we haul it away for you, we will even buy it from you. Store your vehicle with us, and we can maintain it for you.

When you need a tow, we are here with a helping hand. Call any time you need us-23.5 hours a day, 6.5 days a week-even we have to sleep sometime. We will be there as quickly as possible to assist you with your towing needs. Plus, we make sure everyone is taken care of even if we have to call a cab!

Whatever you need to be towed, we can tow it. We can tow a motorcycle, a minivan, a sports car, a pickup truck, or even a boat, and that is not all. We can even tow a riding lawn mower, a 4-wheeler, storage shed, or an old backyard swing set. We are always ready and happy to help.

You are not required to be present for vehicle pickup. Let us know your needs when you schedule with us, and we will work out a pickup and payment option suitable for you.

Towing Facts

  • If there is an abandoned vehicle on your private property, do not hesitate to call-we can tow it right away. There is no minimum wait-time required for private property.
  • For an apartment complex, there is a 10-day notice required before towing. Once you have given the proper notice, we can tow the vehicle.
    • We accept almost all insurance carriers.
    • We buy junk cars.
  • We tow abandoned vehicles free of charge.

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