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Little Steps Psychology

Little Steps Psychology Northern Beaches is a psychology practice located on the Northern Beaches in Sydney. The practice is run by Marcela Nolasco Clinical psychologist. Little Steps Clinical psychology is there to help those in need. Marcela Nolasco is trained in psychotherapy and is also a clinical psychologist. From humble beginnings in Brazil, she has been practicing as a psychologist in Australia for over 12 years. Her practice Little Steps was formed to cater to family and children psychology.

Helping Families On The Northern Beaches

When a family goes through crisis often every member of the family will experience pain. Often needing the help of a qualified psychologist. A psychologist can and will help the family heal and mend the situation. Marcela Nolasco is a specialist at helping family’s heal:

“in some situations, it is definitely better the family sticks together and does not rush into separation. Every relationship will at some stage fail and become difficult for the family unit. My goal is to identify the real issues and help keep the families together. Divorce is hard on the children and their parents.  I see it often where a couple has had an amazing 15 years or so of a kind loving relationship. Through external stress such as financial, a family member becomes terminally I’ll, one of the children develops special needs etc, the parents love for one another changes.  Often if the couple can ride out the hard time the external stress will subside. Too many couples break up then only to realize later it was a rash decision. Obviously, in situations of abuse, I encourage immediate separation.”

Clinical Psychologist Northern Beaches

Choosing a clinical psychologist guarantees you a practitioner that has had 2 years extra training. Registered psychologists have around 3 years of training. ” it is more the client-patient relationship that heals. However, in some situations, you will need a therapist that has a high skill set to help you navigate the rocky road.  So I am not saying don’t see a normally registered psychologist, but if your situation is extremely tricky definitely try a clinical psychologist first. It is not unusual to have to see 2-3 different therapists before you find a good match. Someone that you feel comfortable enough to be 100% honest with and that you can trust. If it is a family crisis a psychologist should see each member of the family at least 1-2 times before doing family group counseling. Often the problem is just with the parents and i personally request to see each parent at least 3 times alone before doing couples counseling. If your experiencing a crisis call Little Steps Today!

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