Group of Australians at Anzac Cove | Gallipoli 2015 cruise

Group of Australians at Anzac Cove with tour leader and Gallipoli expert Dr John Basarin. John has designed the Gallipoli 2015 cruise and tour programs and will be onboard the Gallipoli cruise.


“I am very pedantic in my plans and trips, we are going to Europe in April this year and I started planning that 2 years ago. When Gallipoli-2015 came up as a topic about 2 years ago, googled this and you were one of 4 options. The first was the 36 day cruise from WA, that is way too long and we don't have that much time for a holiday. I looked at your day by day itinerary and you are doing something each day. Friends who are with us had also assessed all itineraries and options, we were both convinced that your program was the perfect fit for our needs... Also, when I made an enquiry 18 months ago, you were honest and open about your plans, I followed the email updates in the last 18 months and you have stayed with your word. These are the reasons why we are going with you”
February, 2012
John [Basarin] our tour leader; commentary - right length & most informative; pauses at the right time and just right imaginative ideas, the novelty aspects of the tour were a huge hit. And a great fun bloke.”
Bronwyn Stephens
April, 2011
“Finally, we had a long descent to Anzac Cove. Here we walked along the new and controversial road to the actual Anzac Cove. We were amazed how small this beach is and how steep the climb would have been for Anzacs in 1915. John Basarin was a great source of information on all the sites visited, with views from both the Turkish and Anzac sides.”
Tim Turner
April, 2010
Gallipoli 2015 cruise and tours testimonials
“Marcus was very helpful and put enormous personal effort into designing a comprehensive tour and accommodation program to suit our family's needs. Creating a 2 week tour for us as a couple then catering for 6 additional family members aged 16 to 76, for another week was challenging. Everyone loved every minute. Well done. ”
Madeleine and Ben
Surrey Hills, Vic
“At Lone Pine cemetery, we found Dorothy's 2 great uncles graves. The TV crew were there to capture what was a very hard time for Dorothy to maintain her composure through the simple though very moving ceremony honouring the lives of those two brave men in service to Australia. She placed wattle at their headstones and tears were shed. The Rotary students put brass slouch hat badges on each of the Uncle's memorials. It was a beautifully kept cemetery.”
Dawn Pratley
April, 2009
“The whole dawn service experience was interesting. I was impressed with the security and how well everything was organised and the number of volunteers around. The only thing that spoiled the event was the bitter cold wind that came off shore, I absolutely froze! Thank you again to John [Basarin] every one for a great trip.”
Barb Sandford
April, 2008
“A delightful walk in the cool of the morning soon brought us to Chunuk Bair. An imposing statue of Mustafa Kemal [Ataturk] with a riding crop greeted us. Little wonder the young Turkish soldiers, without ammunition, were inspired to turn and face the enemy with just their bayonets. This was where the Turkish soldiers were told to die to gain time for the reinforcements to arrive.”
Mark Cameron
October, 2008
“We next visited the Nek assault area, alongside the Monash Gully. There were many dead but unknown soldiers acknowledged in this memorial cemetery. At this point we sat away from the wind and had our lunch a well earned rest before mainly downhill towards our final destination of Anzac Cove. It is of interest to note that John [Basarin] launch of his most recent book was held at Gallipoli.”
Ross Worboy
October, 2006
“Amazing. We always wanted to visit Turkey but it was better than we ever expected. Marcus suggested an itinerary that was perfect. ”
Strathmore, Vic
“All the tours were very well run and each guide was excellent and extremely helpful. ”
Renehan Francis
Gold Coast, Qld
“A wonderful, fascinating and interesting country. Pleasant helpful people, delicious food and a wealth of history. It is difficult to find one thing we enjoyed most as there was so much variety. Ballooning, the walks, Pammukkale, Ephesus, Gallipoli and, of course, Istanbul. ”
Peter and Heather
Templestowe, Vic
“Marcus Falay provided excellent service, delivery time and was very helpful in answering my questions.”
Brighton, Vic
“Loved every minute in Turkey. Beautiful country, friendly people, amazing historic sites and architecture.”
East Malvern, Vic
“Fantastic. My 3rd time in Turkey, but our teenage children had not been before. They loved it. Friendly people, fantastic food and our teenagers were genuinely interested in the magnificent sights. Marcus listened to our needs and made suggestions, then put together an itinerary that allowed us to do everything we wanted in the available time. Having all travelled extensively, the children rate Turkey as the best holiday we have had.”
Box Hill South, Vic
“We LOVED Turkey. The people are extremely helpful and friendly, the food delicious, the scenery spectacular (especially Eastern Turkey) and the historic sites awesome. Everything went so smoothly...”
Amanda and Allen
Emu Plains, NSW