Gallipoli Kabatepe Simulation Centre

Posted by Dr John Basarin on August 15th, 2012

gallipoli kapatepe museum simulation centre
Many ANZAC diggers kept diaries.  So lots of people have read about Australian diggers’ close encounters with “Beachy Bill”.  This was a Turkish cannon used for shelling Gallipoli troops to great effect.  The cannon (or several cannons) were located at Kabatepe, about 3 km south of Anzac Cove.   Even under heavy Royal Navy bombardment, the cannon(s) could not be silenced.

Where “Beachy Bill” was once located is now a world-class museum and simulation centre.  The Gallipoli Kabatepe Museum was recently opened by the Turkish Prime Minister. The centre cost $80 million dollars and has 11 gallery rooms, each equipped with advanced high-tech simulation equipment.   The story of the 1915 Gallipoli naval and land campaigns is told from both Turkish and ANZAC points of view. The technology allows visitors to choose their presentation language and interact with the display.

Authorities claim the simulations are so real, that one feels as though participating in the 1915 Gallipoli campaign.

This video provides an interesting glimpse into development of the simulation centre.

More about Kabatepe Museum in Gallipoli

The museum is located at Gallipoli in Turkey and was opened to visitors in July 2012.  The centre houses collection of historic items relating to the renowned World War I campaign.

Although not extensive in size, the Kabatepe Museum has an interesting collection including:

  • World War I uniforms
  • Turkish and allied forces weaponry
  • Soldiers letters, diaries and despatches
  • Even bullet-pierced skulls

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