Frequently Asked Questions about Turkey

Here are the most common Frequently Asked Questions about travelling to Turkey.

About Turkey and Fairy Chimneys Travel

Where is Turkey?

Turkey is unique in being located on two continents, Europe and Asia. Greece is right next door and 90% of Greek Islands are actually closer to Turkey than Greece. Direct flights from London to Istanbul take three and a half hours.

How can I get to Turkey?

Between the major airlines, over 15 direct flights from Australia to Turkey are offered every week. Fairy Chimneys Travel mainly recommends Qantas and Turkish Airlines. This involves one stopover in Singapore, then a direct flight to Istanbul.

I’ve heard that Turkey is a very beautiful country, what makes it unique?

From its landscape and climate, to its food, people and rich history, Turkey is a country of diversity and splendour. From a relaxing paddle in the Mediterranean to a glimpse of ancient Ottoman architecture, Turkey has many options to create your ideal holiday. See About Turkey for more.

I have not heard of Fairy Chimneys Travel, are you new?

Fairy Chimneys Travel was founded in 2001 and is Australia’s only specialist Turkey tour and travel company. Fairy Chimneys Travel is growing steadily and being now offered through major retail travel agents. See About Us for more.

Travel documents and luggage

What travel documents will I need?

Australian citizens must have a valid passport, valid for six months beyond the date of return to Australia. You will need to present your passport to board your return flight.

Carry your passport with you at all times and do NOT pack it in your suitcase. As a precaution, make a copy of the photo page and pack it in a separate location. This will help with replacement, if you lose it while travelling.

In case of an emergency, click here for the embassy and consulate details at the bottom of this page.

How much luggage should I bring?

As little as possible! Fairy Chimneys Travel recommend you tour with one piece of luggage, plus one carry‐on bag. Remember if you are travelling by ferry, hydrofoil, inter‐island airline, or rental car, luggage space is quite limited.

What clothing should I bring?

In the summer months (May‐September), bring casual, lightweight clothing. A shawl, sweater or light jacket is recommended for cooler evenings. In the spring/autumn (March‐April, October‐November), a wardrobe that allows layering for warmth is best. Lightweight woollens and a raincoat with zip‐out lining are suggested.

Bring comfortable walking shoes. If you will be hiking, over‐the‐ankle, Vibram‐soled hiking boots are required.
Jeans and slacks are acceptable, but you may wish to pack suitable clothing for evening events. Some restaurants in metropolitan areas require a tie and jacket for men.

Are there any dress requirements at monasteries or mosques?

In Turkey, the faithful are called to prayer five times a day. So avoid visits during prayer time. When visiting a mosque, visitors must remove their shoes and show respect. At churches and monasteries, women are required to wear long dresses or skirts and sleeved blouses (covering the shoulders and knees). Men are required to wear slacks and a shirt.

Will I be able to find a Laundromat?

Laundromats are not so accessible to travellers, so bring laundry detergent and be prepared to wash clothes in your sink. Luckily, clothes dry quickly in the Mediterranean climate. Of course, some hotels provide a laundry service.

What about electricity?

The standard household electrical current throughout Turkey is 220v AC. You will require an adaptor to plug in Australian electrical devices.

Health Requirements

What are the health requirements ‐ do I need any vaccination?

No vaccinations are required for Australian citizens travelling to Turkey. It is always prudent to check with your regular doctor regarding your health before you travel.

Can I get my medications while travelling?

You may not find the same medication in Turkey, or be able to fill your doctor's prescription. So bring enough prescription medication for your whole time away. If you wear prescription glasses or sunglasses, bring along an extra pair for backup.

Can I drink the water?

Bottled water is recommended.

Currency, Money & Tipping

What is the currency of Turkey?

The currency of Turkey is the Turkish Lira. Since exchange rates fluctuate daily, check your local newspaper or contact your bank for the most current rate.

Should I exchange my money before I go?

It is not necessary to change money in Australia before you travel. Nor do we recommend it, because you lose dollar value in the exchange. There are exchange banks in all major airports and you can change money at hotels, train stations, banks, and post offices.

You may also be able to withdraw cash from Turkish ATMs with your Visa, Master Card or American Express automatic teller machine (ATM) card.

What about tipping?

Waiters, drivers, hotel personnel, bellboys, bus drivers, and guides are usually tipped. Eating establishments include a 15% tip on the bill. It is also customary to leave an extra 5‐10% for the assistant waiters who do odd jobs around the table. Baggage handlers expect a tip of $2 per bag. On both organised and private tours, guides are customarily tipped $10‐$15 per person per day; drivers are tipped $5‐$7 per person per day. Taxi drivers do not expect a tip.

Driving in Turkey

What's the driving like in Turkey?

Traffic rules are the same as in the European continent; driving is on the right‐hand side of the road.

Do I need an international driver's license?

Yes, an international driver's license is recommended.

Australian Embassy to Turkey contact details:

City: Ankara
Street address: MNG Building
Ugur Mumcu Caddesi No: 88, 7th Floor
Gaziosmanpasa 06700
Postal address: P.O. Box 32
Çankaya 06552
Phone: Switchboard DFAT (90‐312) 459 9500
Switchboard DIAC (90‐312) 459 9550 (Visas)
Fax: Facsimile ‐ DFAT (90‐312) 446 4827
Facsimile ‐ DIAC (90‐312) 459 9560 (Visas)
Email: DFAT E‐mail: [email protected] (for Australian passports)
DIAC E‐mail: [email protected] (for Australian visas)
CONSULAR E‐mail: [email protected] (for consular asssitance to
Australian citizens)
Hours: Monday to Friday 08:30 ‐ 17.00
(closed for lunch 12.30 ‐ 13.30)
Consular service hours: Monday to Friday between 08.30 and 16.45
City: Istanbul
Street address: Ritz Carlton residences
Asker Ocagi Cad. No: 15
Elmadag Sisli 34367
Phone : Telephone: (90‐212) 243 13 33
Fax: Facsimile: (90‐212) 243 13 32
Hours: Monday to Friday between 08.30 and 17.00
City: Canakkale
Street address: Kolin Hotel
Bogazkent Mevkii L ‐2
Phone: (90‐286) 218 1720 / 21
Fax: (90‐286) 218 1724
Hours: Monday to Friday between 08.30 and 17.00