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Firefall is a new MMO game that tries to take the best of both worlds, RPG and FPS. Your characters are all third/first person shooters while the environment your in is that of an RPG. You can run around and kill enemies and do quests in the main world, or fight against others in the PVP areas. But what kind of characters can you actually play you might ask.


There are currently 5 classes to pick from in Firefall. Assault, Recon, Medic, Engineer and Dreadnaught. Assult is the class I have been playing during the beta phase that I have been accepted into and so I will be writing on that class only for now.

Assaults are the balanced class, like that of a warrior in standard MMORPG’s. However, its not what you would expect. Before trying out the assault class I was under the impression that it would just be your standard class, balanced offense and defense, with an assault rifle and maybe a shotgun. Well I was only half right…

The assault’s offense and defense does seem balanced, however the assaults primary weapon is basically a plasma grenade launcher for primary fire and secondary fire on the same weapon is a plasma shotgun when you first join the game. Later on there are different secondary fires like a multi-blast and charged blast. This came as a great surprise. I thought wow this class is going to be way overpowered (I am writing as a COD fan and I know both you and I HATE noob tubers), however Firefall managed to take that aspect and balance it with the aspects of the game. It is relatively difficult to get a direct hit on anyone due to jet packs every class uses. If you looking for a class that can survive on its own, this is your pick.

That can be played, is well balanced, is great for people that don’t work great with other team members, and is an overall great class to play. I have enjoyed the class so far and will continue to do so!

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