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Latest news for Anzac Day at Gallipoli 2015

Welcome to Azamara Journey

Posted by John Basarin on December 23, 2013

Who doesn’t like a surprise gift at this time of the year? Well this special edition newsletter comes with glad tidings indeed. You’ve been upgraded! Gallipoli-2015...

April 2013 Despatches: Gallipoli-2015 News

Posted by Marcus Falay on April 28, 2013

Lest we forget. Welcome to Despatches, the Gallipoli-2015 Epic cruise and tours newsletter. Another Anzac Day is behind us, leaving just one before the centennial event. Cabins are still available aboard the Epic Cruise. But with 2015 closer...

Despatches Australian Geographic Special Edition

Posted by Dr John Basarin on February 6, 2013

Hello and welcome. As you know, Despatches is the monthly of Gallipoli-2015 Epic Cruise & Tours. Typically, you don't hear from us between issues, but this month there is very special news. And we wanted to share it with you first. This special edition contains three big announcements: As...

October 2012 Despatches: Gallipoli-2015 News

Posted by Marcus Falay on October 24, 2012

Hello from the Gallipoli-2015 team and welcome to the latest edition of Despatches, your Gallipoli cruise and tours newsletter. This month, correct weight. With the 2012 Melbourne Cup just days away,...

Tour Operator's Response to Anzac Ballot News

Posted by Dr V John Basarin on September 26, 2012

Wednesday's announcement means more Gallipoli-2015 Anzac Ballot involvement, but no itinerary change. The Australian Government has announced Anzac centenary commemorations at Gallipoli will be open to ticket holders decided by a ballot. The Government has stipulated: A total of 10,000 places will be shared between Australia and New Zealand On an 80/20...

September 2012 Despatches: Gallipoli-2015 News

Posted by Dr John Basarin on September 24, 2012

Greetings from Gallipoli-2015 and another issue of Despatches, the Anzac cruise and tours newsletter. This month, you'll notice our usual features have changed ... just a little. From now on, you'll find every Despatches...

August 2012 Despatches: Gallipoli-2015 News

Posted by Marcus Falay on August 27, 2012

Hello and welcome to another issue of Despatches: the Gallipoli-2015 cruise and tours newsletter. If you've been following our Blog or Facebook page, you will have glimpsed some of the many special events planned for the 2015 Gallipoli centenary. The Greek island...

July 2012 Despatches: Gallipoli-2015 News

Posted by Marcus Falay on July 3, 2012

Welcome to the latest edition of Despatches: the Gallipoli-2015 tour newsletter. There's been plenty happening since our last edition. Depatches is all about keeping up with the latest. But you can do that at our Facebook...

June 2012 Despatches: Gallipoli-2015 News

Posted by Marcus Falay on June 1, 2012

Thank you for being part of Gallipoli-2015. Your experience of a lifetime is about to begin. Despatches keeps you up-to-date with tour news and important information about your trip to Gallipoli. There's also interesting snippets...

Setting sail for ANZAC Cove in 2015

Posted by Ipek Koysal on March 28, 2012

Tours of Turkey are always a popular attraction at the Sydney Holiday and Travel show. Although this year was no exception, there was something extra special on offer. The Gallipoli-2015 Epic Cruise. Following a successful launch in Melbourne, Gallipoli-2015 was a prominent feature of the Fairy Chimneys Travel expo stand. Creating unique travel experiences...

Gallipoli-2015 turns the tide on ANZAC centenary travel

Posted by Dr John Basarin on March 21, 2012

Melbourne's Holiday and Travel Expo was distinctive for Gallipoli-2015. This year, the team attended to launch our very own exclusive tour product. The Gallipoli-2015 Epic Cruise. For the expo on 17th and 18th March 2012, Gallipoli-2015 was a prominent feature of Fairy Chimneys' Travel stand. Until now, only waiting list members have enjoyed booking access...

Deakin University honours our expert Dr John Basarin with a PhD degree

Posted by Marcus Falay on March 4, 2012

DEAKIN UNIVERSITY MEDIA RELEASE Sadness helps spread the word about satisfaction with ANZAC Cove Ceremony - PhD thesis reveals When John Basarin"s father, a Turkish army officer took him to Gallipoli as a 10 year old, little did he realise it would be the start of a lifetime interest in the battles that occurred there, nor the path to a PhD at Deakin University...

Open Letter from Aust Gov Jan 2012

Posted by Dr John Basarin on February 29, 2012

There is a new Australian Government Open Letter to Tour Providers offering the latest advice about Anzac Day commemorations in France 2012, and Gallipoli 2015.

Epic Gallipoli Cruise Booking Pre Open 1st March

Posted by Dr John Basarin on February 8, 2012

Epic Gallipoli Cruise has been announced and will be open for booking on 1st of March 2012, to the people who have expressed interest. Clients who previously expressed their interest If you previously expressed your interest in our Gallipoli 2015 cruise then bookings will be open for you from 1st March. You will have priority booking until 1st April or...

Gallipoli 2011 & 2015 Updates

Posted by Marcus Falay on December 16, 2010

Dear Traveler, We have been invited for a conference on the ANZAC commemoration arrangements last Friday ( 3 Dec 2010) by the Australian ANZAC Organisation who are in charge with the arrangements in  Gallipoli together with the Turkish Authorities. Please find a report  prepared  below . It is essential  that  we all read the following...

Gallipoli 2015, 100 year anniversary cruise & tour

Posted by Marcus Falay on October 28, 2010

As dawn loomed on 25th April 1915 the men of ANZAC prepared for a perilous journey.  Widely considered to be the foundational in the formation of a new nation, for Australians, Gallipoli is the stuff of legend.  To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the ill-fated Gallipoli landing, Fairy Chimneys Travel has designed an epic cruise tour.  Expressions...

2010 ANZAC Peace Prize to Mr John (Vehici) Basarin

Posted by Marcus Falay on May 15, 2010

Our very own Tour Leader of Turkey Walk Tours, John Basarin is awarded 2010 The ANZAC Peace Prize. The ANZAC Peace Prize, announced annually, is awarded by the RSL to ‘recognise any outstanding effort by an Australian citizen who has promoted the concept of international understanding and who, in so doing, has made a contribution to world peace.’  The...