Setting sail for ANZAC Cove in 2015

Posted by Ipek Koysal on March 28, 2012

Tours of Turkey are always a popular attraction at the Sydney Holiday and Travel show. Although this year was no exception, there was something extra special on offer. The Gallipoli-2015 Epic Cruise. Following a successful launch in Melbourne, Gallipoli-2015 was a prominent feature of the Fairy Chimneys Travel expo stand.

Creating unique travel experiences and boutique Turkey tours is the main strength of the team behind Gallipoli-2015. In fact, around 2,000 pre-registrations had been collected over preceding Holiday and Travel shows. In just a few days, the much anticipated Epic Cruise and its partner product, a Premium Bus tour are open to public sale.

There was certainly no disappointment from Sydneysiders in the carefully planned itineraries, particularly the Gallipoli-2015 Epic Cruise. Indeed, a number of show registrations were received as people recognised the advantage in first booking opportunity this week.

Unexpectedly, the Sydney Holiday and Travel show coincided with the 1915 timing of Royal Marines landing at Kum Kale on the mainland and at Sedd-el-Bahr at Gallpoli. Anzac Peace Prize winner Dr John V Basarin and a field of noted Gallipoli experts will explore campaign events and provide unique Gallipoli perspectives will during the 10 day luxury cruise.

Of course, April is the month of ANZAC. So it's only to be expected that Australians express a special interest in travelling to Gallipoli at this time of year. With the 100th anniversary of the ANZAC landing three short years away, it's no wonder Australian travellers are embracing the chance to walk in the footsteps of time, and booking Gallipoli-2015 travel now.