June 2012 Despatches: Gallipoli-2015 News

Posted by Marcus Falay on June 1, 2012

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In this edition:

Gallipoli cruising - some cruise categories are nearing capacity.
Hot off the press - Canakkale Port accommodation for Gallipoli-2015 cruise.
The voice of Anzac - Simpson and his donkey
On the radar - Your Anzac preparation

Gallipoli cruising

Some cruise categories are nearing capacity. This is a wonderful response to a carefully crafted tour that only launched in March at the Melbourne Holiday and Travel Expo.

Many of you told us about the search for a travel option of manageable length that remains comprehensive and well priced. This probably explains the high level of interest the Gallipoli-2015 Epic Cruise has attracted.

The Gallipoli-2015 cruise boasts a number of unique features and feedback has been especially positive around the tour length and content. In particular, daily activities like visiting the AE2 'Silent Anzac' site promise to bring this momentous event into perspective and focus.

If you've put off making a booking or know someone who has, do secure your place. At this stage only a small, refundable deposit is required to secure your cabin and deck of choice.

The voice of Anzac

Of all the ANZAC diggers, Simpson with his donkey is one nearly every Australian recognises. And there's no doubting his courage and valour.

But what you may not know about this adventurous young man is how he came to be an ANZAC.

John Simpson Kirkpatrick was born in South Shields, UK and deserted the English merchant navy when he arrived in Australia.

War broke out and he dropped his last name to enlist, apparently in the hope of returning home. Instead he found himself a stretcher bearer in the battlefields of Gallipoli.

John Simpson Kirkpatrick: Simpson and his donkey.

John Simpson Kirkpatrick: Simpson and his donkey.

Simpson landed with the ANZACS on 25th April 1915 and, amidst the whistling gunfire the following day, found and adopted his donkey "Duffy".

Simpson worked tirelessly over 24 days to rescue more than 300 injured men. He was fatally wounded by machine gun fire on 19 May 1915.

There is a popular myth that Simpson never received a Victoria Cross because he was nominated in the wrong category. Supposing this is the case, makes him truly an unsung Aussie hero.

Hot off the press

Canakkale Port accommodation for Gallipoli-2015 cruise.

Although commemorations are still three years away, Turkish authorities already have enquiries from several cruise tours for berths at Canakkale Port during April for the 2015 Anzac Centenary.

Because Gallipoli-2015 experts host Anzac tours every April, this year our team took time out to meet personally with members of the port authority.

At this stage, there is capacity to host a limited number of cruise ships and it is expected several of these will be Australian tours. We are pleased to advise accommodation for the Gallipoli-2015 Epic Cruise has been confirmed by Canakkale Port.

Dr John Basarin and Marcus Falay meet the Canakkale Port authority representative.

Dr John Basarin and Marcus Falay meet the Canakkale Port authority representative.

On the radar

Airfares, transfers ... you name it. There's certainly plenty to organise when you travel to an event like the ANZAC Centenary.

Watch this space. We'll keep you informed of all the pre and post tour arrangements on the radar right here.

Plus, you'll find new facilities and programs as and when these become available. For instance, if you'd like to add your Gallipoli-2015 tour to a broader Turkey itinerary, you'll find tours synchronised with the start and finish dates here.

Beyond touring, you're probably also interested in airfares, travel insurance and other handy information to help you plan your Anzac experience. Like this tip:

** Your Anzac preparation **
April weather at Gallipoli can be cool and wet. Bring warm, protective clothing including a hat and scarf.

Anzac dawn service at Gallipoli.

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