July 2012 Despatches: Gallipoli-2015 News

Posted by Marcus Falay on July 3, 2012

Dear friend,

Welcome to the latest edition of Despatches: the Gallipoli-2015 tour newsletter.

There's been plenty happening since our last edition.

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In this edition:

Hot off the press - Recent media about the Anzac Ballot.
The voice of Anzac - For the Fallen.
On the radar - Early bird fares and Dr Carol Scott.

The voice of Anzac

From simple soldiers to exalted poets, over the years the grief and tragedy of war has been expressed in poetry, art and song.

Some of these very personal recollections, like their creators, slip quietly into history. Others remain with us to evoke the sense of dignity, respect and remembrance we most associate with Anzac Day.

'For the Fallen' was written by British Museum worker Laurence Binyon. First published in 1914, the last verse is read at Anzac Day commemorations everywhere.

On the radar

When you travel, it's always best to plan well ahead. When you do, it's often possible to take advantage of discounts and special deals.

The Gallipoli-2015 Epic Cruise departs from Istanbul. So airfares will be of interest to all our passengers.

The best time to arrange your flights will be September/October 2014. That's when most airlines release their attractive early bird fares. By purchasing at this time, you'll get the best deal and have your travel planned well ahead.

Of course, we'll remind you closer to the time in Despatches and on our Facebook page. When the time comes, our friendly Fairy Chimneys Travel team can help with all your travel arrangements.

Did you know:

Dr Carol Scott has kindly agreed to join our expert team. She is a popular and engaging speaker who consults to museums around the world.

Dr Carol Scott's profile is available online at the Gallipoli-2015 website.

Hot off the press

Perhaps you've heard or seen recent media items about Anzac Cove access for the Gallipoli centenary. Some suggested there is agreement on final numbers and that admission could be decided by a ballot.

Our very own Marcus Falay was interviewed by Channel 10 News for this story:

Channel 10 interview

At present, we know none of this for sure. That's why Gallipoli-2015 has always undertaken to keep you 100% informed as this important anniversary approaches.

We also know how important taking part in this event is to every one of you who has already booked to travel with us. A number of possible alternatives exist for being part of Anzac Day commemorations. These have been part of our tour planning from the outset and include:

- that some tour participants will be able to attend services on land, whether as a result of a ballot or ticket purchase;
- anchoring close to Anzac Cove makes watching the Anzac Dawn Service from the deck a genuine possibility.

These will be further explored as the time grows closer and access arrangements become clear.

Whatever decisions are made between responsible authorities, these will only involve the morning of 25th April. Regardless of how Gallipoli-2015 cruise members participate in the Anzac Dawn and Lone Pine ceremonies, they can be assured of a profound lifetime experience.

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Marcus Falay