Introducing Brad Manera

Posted by Marcus Falay on June 18, 2014

Dear Friend,

Since the Gallipoli-2015 Epic Cruise was a concept, it has enjoyed the support of eminent Australians such as Major General (Retired) Jim Molan AO DSC. A historical, cultural and respectful voyage, the cruise offers a unique and exciting travel experience.

Careful planning, attention to detail and a pledge to explore the whole Gallipoli story are some of the cruise features that attract commendation. Indeed, the Australian Geographic Society selected the Gallipoli-2015 Epic Cruise as its Anzac Centenary travel product of choice.

It is therefore with much regret that Major General (Retired) Jim Molan AO DSC advises his change in availability. We would like to express our greatest appreciation and gratitude of the support Jim Molan provided since the beginning of the project. A personal message to all present and prospective passengers appears below.

Personal Message from Jim Molan

“As the Patron of Friends of Gallipoli Incorporated and as an Australian soldier, I strongly believe in the need to refresh our understanding of what happened at Gallipoli nearly 100 years ago. I regret that I will be unable to accompany you on this trip of a lifetime to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the Gallipoli landings. I am sure that you will be in good hands and that the trip will bring life to the old but true saying: “Lest We Forget”. Safe and successful travels to you all, Jim Molan.”

A. J. (Jim) Molan AO DSC

Introducing Brad Manera, Executive Manager, Anzac Memorial, Sydney

A similarly experienced and inspirational speaker, Brad Manera, has generously agreed to join the Epic Cruise. Brad is CEO and Senior Historian of the Anzac Memorial in Hyde Park, Sydney and has maintained a life-long passion for military history and battlefield archaeology.

Mr Manera has enjoyed a long career as curator and historian in some of Australia’s pre-eminent museums, including the Australian War Memorial (1990s – 2007). Brad is a member of the editorial team writing the official history of NSW in the Great War.

As a historian for the award-winning documentary Gallipoli; The Front-Line Experience (2005) by Tolga �rnek, Brad Manera advised on events, weapons, uniforms and sets. He is also historian for Waler; the Great Australian War Horse due for release next year and the International Gallipoli art exhibition Our Friend the Enemy; Gallipoli landscapes 1915 – 2015.

For 30 years, Mr Manera has also been leading tours to the places where Australian history was made. Since attending the 75th anniversary of the Anzac landing with the last surviving Anzacs he has been a frequent visitor to Gallipoli. His contributions will, no doubt, bring colour and life to this extraordinary historical travel event.

Welcome aboard, Brad Manera.