Epic Gallipoli Cruise Booking Pre Open 1st March

Posted by Dr John Basarin on February 8, 2012

Epic Gallipoli Cruise has been announced and will be open for booking on 1st of March 2012, to the people who have expressed interest.

Clients who previously expressed their interest

If you previously expressed your interest in our Gallipoli 2015 cruise then bookings will be open for you from 1st March. You will have priority booking until 1st April or until sold out.

You will receive a newsletter on 27th of February with a web link allowing you to book the Cruise. If you do not receive this email please contact us.

Clients who have not expressed their interest

Bookings will open on the 1st April and remain open until sold out. If you want to book from March 1st then either subscribe to our mailing list on our website or express your interest now and we will send you an email when bookings are about to open.

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