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Posted by Marcus Falay on May 9, 2014


Congratulations if you were successful in the Anzac Ballot. Passengers without official tickets won’t be missing out though. Azamara Journey makes two full days of battlefield excursions before mooring off Anzac Cove for the Dawn Service. Our Premium Tour visit to Gallipoli and Anzac Day arrangements also remain unchanged by the ballot.

If you have received Dawn Service tickets, please let us know. That way, firm arrangements can be made for passengers attending official proceedings to be transferred from the cruise and tour.

Ballot ticket holders are required to provide passport and travel details before 25 October 2015. Or risk cancellation of their attendance pass.

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In this issue:

Cruise News – Embark in Athens
The Scoop – Big Group Cabin Savings
Trench Talk – What’s that thing called?
On the Radar – Air fares & extension tours
Last Post – Peace at last in Shrapnel Valley


Embark in Athens

The Epic Cruise embarks in the birthplace of democracy. Athens seems uniquely fitting for a centenary that is also a reminder young nations were forged on the Gallipoli battlefields.

The Acropolis, Athens

The Acropolis, Athens

The Port of Piraeus actually comprises 3 natural harbours and has been in continuous use since ancient times.

In its day, the mighty Athenian naval fleet and shipyards were stationed at Piraeus. It was from here a massive expeditionary force was despatched that gave rise to the Peloponnesian War. One of the final showdowns of this conflict occurred at Ephesus, our first port of call.

See the Gallipoli-2015 website to view the full Gallipoli Cruise itinerary. Or call 1300 766 595 to learn more from a friendly team member.


Big Group Cabin Savings

Azamara Gallipoli Cruise Ship

At last there’s some good news for group travellers! For a limited time*, where your Azamara Journey cabin has a capacity of 3 or 4, those extra passengers travel at a huge 50% discount.

Does it mean what you think? Yes. Book a suitable Azamara Journey cabin and your 3rd or 4th passengers travel HALF PRICE.

There are no restrictions on the 3rd or 4th passenger. You can book anyone to travel with you.

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*Offer applies to Epic Cruise bookings from 8 May 2014 and paid in full by 15 July 2014.


What’s that thing called?

The London News featured new warfare devices on this November 1915 cover.

The London News featured new warfare devices on this November 1915 cover.

In a far flung corner of the Australian War Memorial collection is an unpublished manuscript of WWI soldier’s ‘slanguage’. While the text gives us some fascinating insight on life in the trenches, it also helps connect our citizen army with some terms that still survive today.

The Great War gave rise to some dramatic advances in technology. Although the army was generally quite literate, most soldiers were confronting battle devices and machinery for the very first time. Many found these grand technical developments quite baffling and more than a few found them hard to describe.

The widespread emergence of one word seemed to capture the nature of these new tools. You may have even used it at one time or another. It’s the “thingummyjig”.

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Air fares & extension tours

The London News featured new warfare devices on this November 1915 cover.

Colosseum in Rome.

If you’ve been to the Gallipoli-2015 or Fairy Chimneys Travel websites lately, you’ll know where to find the Azamara Journey extension cruise and a wide choice of pre and post tour travel options. There’s everything from military interest to culture, history and luxurious Blue Cruising. Plus, of course, you’ll be visiting the world’s #1 destination for 2014 – Istanbul.

Airfares are still just out of reach for 2015 dates. But, during the first week of June 2014, most flights will become available for bookings. To secure your 2015 flights, call one of our friendly travel consultants on 1300 766 595. We’d be delighted to assist with all your travel needs.


Peace at last in Shrapnel Valley

Our last post to hit the high notes with Facebook fans was this one, featuring Paul Walker’s exceptional photo:

Shrapnel Valley Cemetery

In the latest Commonwealth War Graves Commission Newsletter:?Australian cameraman Paul Walker was in Gallipoli to report on the ANZAC Day ceremonies when he stumbled on this beautiful view of Shrapnel Valley Cemetery.

One comment reads: I know, it's like it blooms just for ANZAC day.


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