Despatches: A Time Capsule Named Ephesus

Posted by Anne Macindoe on March 18, 2014

Welcome to a special day. On 18th March 1915 the Gallipoli story began. A fleet of 18 battleships with supporting cruisers and destroyers launched their Dardanelles attack with capture of the Ottoman Empire capital, Istanbul, as their goal.

"By late afternoon one third of the capital ships of the fleet had been sunk or put out of action, yet no ship had even reached the Narrows. The ships swung around in retreat."
from Gallipoli – The Turkish Story by Kevin Fewster, Hatice Hürmüz Ba?arin & Vecihi Ba?arin?(Allen & Unwin)

And so it began; 36 days later ANZACs were landing at Gallipoli.

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Cruise News – A Time Capsule Named Ephesus
The Scoop – Ballot Refund Guarantee Last Chance
Trench Talk – Dugouts fine dentistry
On the Radar – Azamara Attends Brisbane Expo
Last Post – Got a light?


A Time Capsule Named Ephesus

One of the most exciting benefits of upgrading our cruise ship vessel to Azamara Journey is a spectacular itinerary addition. The Epic Cruise embarks in Athens (at the historic port of Pireaus) and first sails to the vibrant Aegean port of Kusadasi. Passengers are then able to enjoy a day exploring the world-renowned site of Ephesus.


It’s believed Ephesus has been inhabited since about 6,000 BC but, the site is best known as the remarkably intact Greek/Roman city. Once a thriving ancient world seaport, the large site includes some remarkable and unique attractions.

The marble streets, Library of Celsus, Temple of Hadrian and other civic buildings are impressive. But Ephesus also lets you glimpse life as the ancients lived it. There are Roman terrace homes, complete with mosaic floors and frescoed walls, public toilets, theatres and more.

There’s also an interesting synergy between the Dardanelles Campaign and Battle of Notium (Peloponnesian War). The Athenian fleet had the Spartans blockaded in the harbour at Ephesus. Before the battle its commander sailed north leaving his helmsman, Antiochus in command. He attempted to implement a strategy that would give the Athenians the upper hand. But what followed was a comprehensive defeat.

Similarly, immediately before the ferocious Dardanelles sea battle of 18 March 1915, the commander of the Royal Navy's Mediterranean Squadron, Vice Admiral S.H. Carden was taken ill. His second in command, Rear Admiral John de Robeck, replaced him on the day and attempted to implement Churchill’s master strategy. By day’s end, the Ottomans had gained a significant victory.

See the Gallipoli-2015 website for more or call 1300 766 595 to learn more from a friendly team member.


Ballot Refund Guarantee Last Chance

Deposit Refund Guarantee

If you’re up-to-date on the ballot, you’ll know it won’t be long before successful ticket holders hear the good news. But that also means our deposit refund guarantee is about to expire.

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Dugouts fine dentistry


The dental status of enlisting men was actually checked during the medical examination on enlistment. Some soldiers’ papers carry notations such as “Extensive dental treatment required”.

While the dental hygiene standards we enjoy today certainly didn’t exist in 1915, there was an effort to ensure soldiers were free of pain and infection before leaving our shores.

But what happens when things go wrong during a months-long campaign in the war to end all wars? Well, a bit of innovation becomes necessary.

This photo is from Gallipoli in 1915. An Australian solider is having an operation on a makeshift dentist’s chair in an open air clinic. One member of the 4th Australian Field Ambulance holds him down while the other performs the surgery.


Azamara Attends Brisbane Expo

AZA Azamara Journey Officers 239

Azamara Journey Officers

There’s only one way you get a Cruise Critic People’s Choice award. That’s by delivering the impeccable standards passengers expect and deserve. To ensure the Gallipoli-2015 Epic Cruise is no exception, we have two very important Azamara visitors coming to Brisbane.

   •  Mr Bruce Setloff, Director of Charter and Incentive Sales
   •  Mr Claudius Docekal Deployment & Destinations Specialist

If you’re able to be at the Brisbane Holiday and Travel Show for our seminar presentation on Saturday 22nd March, there’s a good chance of meeting Azamara Cruises top brass.

Or BOOK NOW to be aboard Azamara Journey in 2015.


Got a light?


Our last post to hit the high notes with Facebook fans was this one about diggers’ kit:

Did you know:?Cigarettes were part of the kit issued to all WWI Australian Troops. The packets contained collectable cards that featured soldiers in heroic acts and war propaganda.�?Troops also received:

   •  Mark III, Lee Enfield rifle, Bayonet & 150 rounds of ammunition
   •  Large canvas pack for carrying wooly cap, spare socks and greatcoat.
   •  Digging tool - handle and head seperately.
   •  Haversack for carrying rations, paybook, toothbrush, soap and towel, spare bootlace, mess tin (to eat from) and cover, fork and spoon, mending and darning kit.
   •  Full water bottle and carrier.
   •  Identity tag.
   •  Service cap, and regimentry cap badge.

One follower commented:
‘Some years ago my uncle gave me his collection on the understanding that I added to it ... it has grown considerably.'

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