Next… Is Your Mold Removal Procedures:

Next… Is Your Mold Removal Procedures:

After location of the source, we now can learn about correct mold remediation procedures. The method is not difficult and most mold sufferers have fixed their mold problem within anywhere from a day to 3 days understanding the correct mold remediation procedures. contact

You will have 2 options in doing mold remediation:

1. Learn To Do It Yourself

2. Have Mold Remediation Expert Do It For You

To do it yourself, it can be more affordable and not difficult what so ever, due to new innovative products. Now since released to the public, products like Safe Shield and Molderizer are being used everywhere.

The natural mold remediation products are used by professionals because not only are that a green mold cleaner that kills mold. But the innovative formula that creates a barrier on building materials, which had mold previously are covered. This prevents any future mold amplification in the future. Which has never been done by any mold product out their.

Below Is The Process of Removing Mold:

Depending on the damage, sometimes just a simple spray down with Molderizer and Safe Shield should be fine for most mold problems. If the problem has spread, below is the procedure you would want to look into.

Contain The Area
Seal A/C Vents with Blue Tape
Seal Doors Closed with Blue Tape
Use 6MIL Clear Visqueen to contain the Area (Like the Movie E.T.)
Remove All Wet Building Materials (Drywall, Carpeting, etc)
Dispose Materials 5 ft from last visible trace
Remove any wet carpeting 5 ft from last visible trace
Dispose wet building materials in garbage bag (Seal with Tape)
Clean Areas with Safe Mold Protectant and Natural Cleaners
Clean with natural mold removal product on all exposed building materials
Protect all building materials not removed with Mold Encapsulate
Use the official mold cleaning kit to clean and protect
Herpa Vac / Filter Mold Spores While Working In Room
Filter out spores in the work area using HEPA Vac
These are some of the basics, the Mold Manuscript goes into more detail on easily getting rid of your own mold problem. The methods are outlined very clearly using Maurice’s 7 Step Procedure and practiced by mold professionals all over the United States.

Your Last Steps

Now that you’ve learned some of the steps and methods, you will want to make a decision to avoid any serious future amplification of mold.

Don’t let your mold problem slip away and cost you much more in the future.